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For claims submitted online, you will be prompted to provide proof of payment only when required (but do keep copies for 13 months after the date of service). If submitting claims through the mail or

Wawanesa offers many claim submission options:   Submit a claim online for immediate (real-time) processing!   Click here to sign into your Plan Member Online Claims Account. Click on the ‘Submit a

Yes. A drug claim can be uploaded via your Plan Member Online Claims Account by following the simple steps below:   Sign in to your Plan Member Online Claims Account by clicking here Click on the ‘

If you have submitted a claim through your traditional plan and a copay or deductible remains, you can claim the balance from your Health Care Spending Account (HCSA). There are several ways you can

When submitting claims online for immediate (real-time) submission and you are unable to locate a matching record for your health care provider, you will be required to enter the health care provider’